In just a few short days I’ll be escaping the tundra that is Toronto weather and heading down to the beautiful island of Barbados to soak up some sun. I was in Barbados last year for a family reunion and completely fell in love with the island. Our reunion, however, was jam-packed full of events and activities. This time around, I plan to take time to enjoy some much-needed rest and relaxation. Barbados is a breathtaking Caribbean island known for its rich history, stunning landscape, and beautiful beaches. Barbados is a small island, only 21 miles long and 14 miles wide, which makes it fairly easy to travel around. This small island has plenty of beautiful beaches to explore. Here are some of the best beaches to visit in Barbados.

Bottom Bay

Bottom Bay beach is known for its pink-sand cove and its picturesque high cliffs. It’s tucked away on the south coast and located just north of Sam Lord’s Castle, a beautiful Georgian mansion built in 1820 by the notorious pirate Samuel Hall Lord. The beach itself is wide and open, with tranquil waves that break gently onto the shore. The area is partially enclosed by high coral cliffs which add to its secluded and serene feeling. While the waters are beautiful, swimming here is not recommended as the waves can get quite strong. It is still a wonderful place to have a picnic and watch for turtle and whale sightings off the shore.

Beautiful Caribbean Island Barbados Beach
Bottom bay, Barbados
Toronto travel blog Roam With Ash Best Beaches in Barbados roundup.
Bottom bay, Barbados

Silver Sands

Silver Sands is also located on the south coast and it is recognized worldwide as the top beach for windsurfing and kitesurfing. The waves and swells in the water are almost as impressive as the powdery white sand found on the shore. Here you can swim in the clear turquoise waters or wander off to find a picnic table in the shade to have lunch. If you love this beach as much as I do, you can find affordable accommodations at Silver Point Villa Hotel with seaside views and poolside cabanas.

Best Barbados beaches travel blog
Silver Sands Beach, Barbados
Source: Oistins – Tourism Media
International travel blogger, best beaches to visit in Barbados.
Silver Sands Beach, Barbados
Source: Oistins – Tourism Media
Top beaches in Barbados to visit.
Silver Sands Beach, Barbados
Source: Oistins – Tourism Media


The gorgeous beach is named after King David’s wife. It is said Bathsheba bathed in milk to keep her skin beautiful and soft. The white waters at Bathsheba beach are said to resemble her bath in both its appearance and healing properties. Located on the east coast of the island, Bathsheba features a rugged coastline of rock formations (from the ancient coral reef). The waves from the Atlantic Ocean crash up against the rocks and break apart into a gorgeous white foam. If you love surfing, you’ll also love The Soup Bowl. The Soup Bowl at Bathsheba is named from the foamy surf it offers. Many international surf competitions choose this location as their destination.

Beautiful Barbados beach. Caribbean island beach.
Bathsheba Beach, Barbados
Source: Travel Network

Folkestone Beach

Folkestone Beach is located on the west coast in the parish of St. James. The beach is filled with golden sand and the waters are calm, beautiful, and filled with marine life. Folkestone Beach is the perfect place for snorkelers and divers, too. Here you’ll find the Folkestone Marine Park, the home of stunning coral and colorful aquatic life. Snorkeling can be done around the inshore reef to explore fish, sea anemones, sea lilies, corals, and sponges. While experienced divers can sink down below 120ft to see the artificial reef formed by the sinking of a massive ship. The calm waters at this beach also make it an ideal spot for paddle boarding and kayaking.

Top beach in Barbados, Folkestone Beach
Folkestone Beach, Barbados
Source: Trip Advisor
Best beaches to visit on the beautiful island of Barbados.

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