I just returned a few days ago from my amazing trip to the beautiful Caribbean island of Barbados. Last year I visited Barbados for a family reunion, you can check it out here. Our reunions are typically filled with activities and tons of family time which, of course, doesn’t leave much time to explore what the island has to offer like their food spots, etc. This time around, I was heading for a wedding and spending more time on the island than I usually have before. So I was bound and determined to make it a point to explore, wander and discover as many new food spots as possible.

I stayed at a cozy Airbnb in the Dover Beach area. (Which is an ideal area if you ever find yourself about to stay on the island!) The location was perfect and exactly what I needed on this trip. It was just a few minute’s walk to Dover Beach, within walking distance to great local food spots around the St. Lawrence Gap and a short distance from Oistins Fish Fry. So like, how much more perfect could that possibly be?! Maybe having a vineyard just across the street would be absolutely ideal, but hey, I’m not picky! 😉

Here are just a few of my highly recommended food places that you GOTTA visit if/when you go to Barbados. You can thank me later! 


We had the pleasure of dining here the evening following the wedding. After a wild night, we were all looking for a quiet spot for dinner in the midst of a bustling neighbourhood with a great view. Castaway checked every single one of those boxes. The food was by far the best I had on this entire trip! The daytime view is spectacular, but at night the view of the moonlight reflecting on the water was insanely magical. 

Castaway restaurant St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados. Best places to eat in Barbados.
View from Castaway restaurant located at the St. Lawrence Gap, Barbados.

Cocktail Kitchen

Yet another great spot located in the St. Lawrence Gap! I loved the young, hip vibe here. The atmosphere was everything. The food was so creative and freshly made which made every ingredient extremely tasty. Although it is a bit on the pricier side, I really do think the experience and menu were entirely worth it. This spot tends to get busy in the evenings and especially on weekends, so I highly recommend making a reservation.

Dover Beach

If you’re spending a day at the beach, there is no shortage of great local spots to select from. You can seriously eat like a local over on Dover Beach! It is home to a number of wonderful restaurants offering up local delights such as flying fish, macaroni pie and Shepherd’s Pie. Grab a bite to eat from one of the huts then stop in at JCools for a drink. Or two. Okay, just get a handful and sunbathe for the rest of the day!

Top places to eat on Dover Beach in Barbados
Food hut menu on Dover Beach, Barbados
Beach view from JCools at Dover Beach, Barbados.

Irie Foods

Irie is a cute Jamaican restaurant located at Dover Beach. I had the privilege of dining here twice. The first time, I wasn’t a huge fan of the experience, but, I will say the second time around they redeemed themselves. It may have to do with me coming back with a little more foodie experience under my belt, too! I ordered the jerk chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and fried plantain – which really hit the spot. I stopped in quickly to grab breakfast one morning as well. I tried the ackee and sailfish which was pretty great. I will say I feel like their fried dumplings are on the sweeter side if you’re into that! Definitely a great spot to get authentic and amazing Jamaican food on the island.

Irie Foods restaurant outdoor patio.
Dover Beach, Barbados
Irie Jamaican restaurant Dover Beach, Barbados.
Jerk Chicken with creamy mashed potatoes and fried plantain.
Irie Foods Dover Beach, Barbados

Mojo Bar & The Chopping Board

If you’re all about being surrounded in an incredible atmosphere and chic vibes, then you need to make sure you stop in at Mojo’s. This trendy local spot is just oozing with cool, chill vibes and serves up incredibly delicious food to match. It is definitely worth the stop. This roadside bar serves up the best burgers in Barbados. Mojo is filled with super chill vibes with live music and a laid back atmosphere. Although it’s a bar, you’ll often find families dining here – so bring your fam if you want!

Calabash Cafe

Calabash Cafe is a great spot to grab food in the evening. Although the menu is a little limited in comparison to other places, the food is of the most incredible quality. You can find this place filled with live entertainment and music in the evening which makes dining here idyllic and just simply wonderful. Of course, there are very few things better than dining on the beach. Everything about Calabash Cafe is of the most excellent service and foodie experience.

Exterior view of Calabash restaurant located at the Bougainvillea Hotel at Maxwell Beach, Barbados. Best places to eat in Barbados.
Outdoor view of Maxwell Beach at Calabash Restaurant in Dover, Barbados.

Bliss Cafe

Another great spot near our Airbnb that we stumbled upon from just simply roaming around! This cafe is all about being a laid back, family fun restaurant located near the Sandals hotel. You’ll fall in love with the vibrant colours and cozy atmosphere. The staff is warm and friendly and the food is picturesque, it’s worth visiting for either breakfast or lunch. And maybe you’ll have to do both!

Sharkey’s Tropical Cafe

I’ll admit, this wasn’t our first choice for breakfast. #SorryNotSorry. We actually had plans to go elsewhere but ended up getting a little lost. Oops! Oh, well. It’s always an adventure! We roamed around St. Lawrence Gap for a short while before we stumbled on this gem of a restaurant. We stopped here to grab breakfast on our last day on the island. I want to start off by saying I was blown away by the hospitality. The service was fantastic and really personal, but not disingenuous. I loved the vibe and how they made us feel welcomed, like family! It made my last day on the island more memorable. The food was great as well. I tried their signature breakfast sandwich which had a fantastic fresh mango chutney.

Oistins Fish Fry

No “you need to eat here when you’re in Barbados” list would be complete without Ousting Fish Fry. Oistins is exactly where you want to be on a Friday night in Barbados. Talk about a par-tay! Oistins is a great authentic local treat! Freshly caught fish and seafood cooked up right there on the spot. The atmosphere is everything – it is always so busy and hip on weekends. Oistins is an active fishing town on the south coast and is a local hub of activity on a Friday night. Here you’ll find live music and performances, old-timers playing dominoes, crafts and other cool collective items for sale. The food is incredible and served in an informal setting – they really let things slide there! It gets busy, so be sure to literally grab a seat when you see one!

Personally, Pat’s has always been a favourite of mine but to be honest all of these restaurants are incredible. Just because the line is long doesn’t mean it’s better. Sometimes it’s actually better to test your luck elsewhere and check out a hub with a shorter line.

Any of these rocking restaurants will blow you away if you’re a foodie like me. My advice? Be open-minded and ready to have an amazing experience with all kinds of flavours you have never had before!

Fresh fish being fried at Oistins, Barbados
I had the fried shrimps with macaroni pie and fried plantain from Pats.
Oistins, Barbados
The entertainment at Oistins is definitely worth sticking around for!

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