Do you know what my favourite thing about fall and winter is? Okay, besides the warm fires and delicious coffee. It’s time for cozy chunky sweater weather! Who doesn’t love to sink into a warm, comfortable sweater? I know I do! There’s something so calming and nostalgic about cuddling up in your favourite sweater. It reminds me of fall, Thanksgiving, winter, and Christmas and makes me think about comfort food, the smell of pine, and snow gently falling to the ground.

My fall and winter sweaters make me whimsical and powerful. There is something magical about being able to hide away beneath layers of cozy fabric. It makes me feel more confident and self-assured with every step. Maybe that’s why I love the fall and winter so much; it’s the perfect reason to snuggle up in all of my cozy chunky sweaters.

This orange sweater gives me all of the 70’s vibes!

Sweater: Shein
Jeans: Fashion Nova

Chunky sweaters paired with a cute mini skirt is my favourite combination right now!

Chunky sweater weather paired with beige mini skirt.
Cute green chunky sweater paired with khaki mini skirt and wedges.
Modern chunky sweater look

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