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Alumier EverActive C & E Serum Review: A Topical Cream That Actually Works!

Topical Vitamin C is an essential part of my daily skincare routine. Besides strengthening the skin and promoting collagen production, vitamin C serums are a powerhouse for softening fine lines and wrinkles, brightening the skin, reducing hyperpigmentation, and so much more. They’re liquid gold drops of antioxidant heaven on your face, and everyone should have a regimen of vitamin C to combat sun exposure, harmful free radicals, and aging overall.

The issue is that not all vitamin C serums are the same. Some have little effect and actually use cheap and skin-irritating ingredients. And the most important factor in a vitamin C serum is how it’s packaged. Once serums are exposed to too much air or light, they oxidize and turn an orange color, rendering the money you just paid for an expensive skin product completely useless. Oxidation eradicates the beneficial elements of the serum and makes them ineffective on your skin, and many women and men may have not been getting their money’s worth from a product that can be so good for your skin.

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I’m beyond thrilled to say that I finally found a vitamin C serum that really works. Alumier recently released a potent serum called EverActive C & E that comes in incredibly well-formulated packaging that protects the product from oxidation. What I ended up with is a noticeably better serum that produced real, glowy-skin results and checked every last box.

The EverActive C & E stays fresh because it’s not a pre-mixed solution. You receive the serum and the powder and mix them together when you’re ready to use them. It comes in three separate small bottles instead of one big one, and you open the next only when you’ve finished the one you’re done with. Vitamin C crystals are stored airtight in the cap, and you release them into the serum when you’re ready for a fresh bottle, which helps the formula to stay active as long as possible. Pre-mixed solutions are not as effective, especially when sitting on the shelf for so long—this is the biggest problem with vitamin C serums and Alumier saved the day with this genius method!

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The components of the EverActive C & E serum are the highest-quality skin ingredients made for fast absorption and powerful results. Alumier uses 15% L-Ascorbic Acid, which is the only effective form of vitamin C for use on the skin, as well as Tocopheryl Acetate—moisture-rich vitamin E that acts as a booster for the vitamin C. Another compelling ingredient is Matrixyl® synthe’6®, which makes the skin tighter and firmer and reduces wrinkles.

After testing this product for the past few months, I can honestly say that it’s the best vitamin C product that I’ve ever used. My skin feels glowy, soft, and smooth, and is noticeably brighter and firmer. For all of the ageless, collagen-promoting benefits of vitamin C, it’s so important to get a product that really delivers results. I couldn’t be happier that I found Alumier’s EverActive C & E serum.

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