What could be more magical than spending a lovely evening on the calm waters of Lake Ontario taking in the beauty of the Toronto Islands, mingling and chatting with the other wine lovers, while sampling delicious sparkling wines? A few weeks ago I had the absolute pleasure of attending an event to explore and learn more about Joiy Sparkling Wines, an Australian wine made in New Zealand. 

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To be honest, I have never tried wine from a can before this event, so canned sparkling wine is a completely new concept to me. Initially, the thought of it seemed so far-fetched, I mean isn’t wine, especially the sparkling version, supposed to be drunk from a delicate wine glass? With that being said, I can honestly say that Joiy wine completely blew me away. Not only is the packaging incredibly cute – no seriously, isn’t it the most adorable can you’ve ever seen? But the wine itself was also so delicious!

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The practical packaging is ideal for taking the sparkling wine with you to picnics and the beach. Large parties and events need no longer be about whether the glasses will be enough because guests can enjoy the wine straight from the can. Then again, on romantic evenings you can still take out the stemmed wine flute and enjoy the delicious wine in a glass. 

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I had a wonderful time spending the evening chatting with winemaker Chris and listened to how he created this unique and innovative wine and packaging.  Joiy can be found at your local LCBO and is reasonably priced at $4.95.

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