I’m the type of person who often takes on more projects than I can handle; something that I’ve struggled with since my days as a newborn photographer. Over the years, I have learned the importance of saying “no” because I know the stress that comes with having more work than I can cope with is not good for me.  I now make a point of taking some time off to treat myself 💁‍♀️.

Toronto travel influencer visits Miami

I started 2019 with a resolution to seek balance. The past few years have taught me that my number one priority should be taking care of myself. With that being said, I’m focusing on spending more time on doing things that I absolutely love, like traveling!

Folks often think that being a travel blogger is all glam, but the reality is sometimes completely different. Sometimes I’m only in a city for a few days and have to rush against time to see everything and create all the necessary content. Don’t get me wrong, it definitely has its perks, but it can’t be compared to the special feeling that I get when I visit a city without the added pressure of having to capture and create the content for every single thing that I lay my eyes on.

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I can’t even explain how happy travel makes me feel and after attending the Air Canada Rouge pop-up experience, I decided it was definitely time for another getaway. Only this time it was to focus on me. And that’s exactly what I did; I took the time for a refresh and some relaxation and booked a trip to Miami!

I stayed at the Clinton Hotel in South Beach Miami and my time there was fabulous. This time, I decided not to stay right on South Beach because I know how busy and loud it can get. I wanted to stay close enough though, and The Clinton is ideally situated, just a few blocks north of it. The hotel is not even a five-minute walk from South Beach and its top restaurants, entertainment and local attractions.

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I loved having breakfast at the Clinton Hotel’s restaurant, Limonada, and even enjoyed a lovely dinner there as well! Limonada was reasonably priced, the food was delicious and the service was fantastic! The added bonus is that guests at the hotel receive a discount!

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Since the trip was all about rest and relaxation, unlike my travel blogger trips, I didn’t have a packed itinerary nor any excursions planned. In fact, I hadn’t even thought about what things I’d get into prior to arriving in Miami. 

South beach miami

On arrival, I headed straight for the beach and spent the entire afternoon there, before heading back to the hotel for dinner. I’m a bit of an unconventional traveler and even though I do enjoy visiting the traditional tourist spots, I prefer walking around and exploring. Most cities have real treasures to be found just off the beaten path, and that is what I did in Miami, where I checked out some cute boutiques and shops. 

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I also visited the Everglades while in South Beach. I decided to not participate in the full day tour (I had plans to relax on the beach for the second half of the day) and took the half day excursion which worked out perfectly. The 3-hour excursion of the Everglades was absolutely breathtaking (I love nature) and I’m so happy that I decided on it. Not only did I get to see alligators but I learned about the history of the Everglades and their important ecosystem, which was both interesting and enlightening.

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Finally, the last thing I did (besides hitting the beach) was to visit the Miami History Museum. As a history major, I always take in a museum no matter which city I am in, and I feel more fulfilled after learning about the people, culture, and history of the places I visit.  On my arrival at the museum, there was no one in attendance to process tickets, so they allowed me to explore it for free – a history major’s dream! Ha-ha!!

Toronto travel blogger in Miami
Toronto travel influencer in miami
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Overall, I had a fantastic time in Miami. Not only did I get the rest and relaxation that I was so desperate for, but I also came back filled with knowledge and a wicked tan! 

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