We all go through phases in our lives when things get too busy and I, for one, completely understand how hectic things can get and how easy it is to get caught up in ‘busyness’. As a freelancer, I’ve often struggled to find the time needed to take better care of myself and to practice self-care. On the one hand, I feel guilty that I don’t put time aside, but on the other, I am always on the go, working long hours, and trying to fit everything in. It often reaches the point where I forget to take a moment to just breathe.

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When the team at She Blogs Canada contacted me to attend an event, focused on practicing self-care, I jumped at the opportunity and immediately said yes. The event, sponsored by SunRype Slim, gave me the opportunity to #Take 10 and refresh while practicing self-care at one of the best meditation studios in Toronto, My Hoame.  My Hoame meditation studio offers light and dark meditation, a salt cave and an infrared sauna.

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As a self-guided practice course, students at My Hoame are free to use the Light or Dark Room as indicated on their class schedule for any amount of time within the limited scheduled time period. The optional headsets are included and they feature guided meditations from the instructors as well as relaxing music.

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As a meditation newbie, I can honestly say that I wasn’t sure what to expect. Because I suffer from anxiety, my mind has a tendency to race and I often have a difficult time just being “still” and calming my thoughts. I was really expecting to not be good at meditating at all. I started off in the Light Room, and I have to admit that it went a lot smoother than expected! I managed to let go of most of my thoughts and the instructor’s guidance was a huge bonus that helped me stay focused on the correct breathing techniques and being still. This experience was followed by one in the Dark Room and even though I enjoyed both rooms, the Dark Room was definitely my favourite. During my time spent in the Dark Room, I felt so relaxed and at ease that I almost fell asleep 🙈.

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As someone who suffers from anxiety, it was intriguing to learn about the physical and psychological benefits of meditation. I learned that the practice of regular meditation can be life-changing! 

Some of the main reasons why I’ve chosen to incorporate meditation in my schedule include to reduce stress & anxiety, to boost my immune system; to increase my emotional intelligence, and to improve my learning capacity. Connection and empathy achieved during meditation will help me realize my higher-self in order to be able to reach my full potential.

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All my anxious thoughts prior to attending the event left me during the meditation sessions. After completing both sessions, I felt completely relaxed and refreshed! In the future, I’ll remember to practice mindfulness and self-care and I’m looking forward to attending more meditation sessions at My Hoame!

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