We all know that with the holiday season approaching, we tend to see a lot more organizations and groups asking for donations and volunteers at local food pantries or canned food drives. (Which, hey, everyone should volunteer at!) However, this year, I am partnering with Community Food Centres Canada and their first-ever – The Big Social and I am so excited to tell you all what they’re about. 

The Big Social Canada

The Big Social aims to raise awareness and funds to assist in getting help and access to healthy food and healthy food programs to low-income families. The Big Social is a brand new national fundraising program that aims to bring Canadians together to raise money to support low-income neighborhoods to ensure they are able to provide healthy food for their families. 

The Big Social event held at Steam Whistle brewing in Toronto
Steam whistle brewing beer toronto

DID YOU KNOW?!… That food insecurity affects over 4 million Canadians (that’s like putting together the populations of Vancouver, Calgary, and Edmonton) which means that 1 in every 8 Canadian households are unable to afford simple and vital nutrients that are crucial in keeping their bodies healthy. Now, that is a huge epidemic, but luckily, we’re out here trying to fight against it.


SO! Now you are probably wondering how in the world can we combat this issue. Well, we have a couple of ways through how The Big Social works. If you are willing to participate, you can sign up here at www.bigsocial.ca and declare that you will host a meal between November 1 – 10. This could look like a fun dinner party, a potluck, a supper club, or just a sweet and cozy family dinner. Rather than having guests bring over a gift, ask them to make a donation instead. These proceeds will go directly into The Big Social funds. Together, from your potluck to your neighbour’s Sunday night dinner to a local supper club, you all will be raising money to provide healthy food for low-income communities that are dreadfully impacted by food insecurity. It’s a no-brainer, right?!

The big social event meal
The big social fundraising initiative toronto

Being part of your community is one thing, but being the reason an entire family has access to healthy food for dinner tonight is a whole different type of honour. For the month of November, consider hosting a dinner party or two, or find ways to be involved in other peoples’ parties for The Big Social. I mean, if you’re not a real party person or anything (no worries, I feel!), you can always make a donation on their website!
With all the ways you can get involved, how are you going to make an impact to your fellow man this November? 

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