Hola to all my creative friends! Today I want to share a little WordPress trick that is guaranteed to save you lots of time when blogging!

As you all know, my busy schedule does not leave me with much time and I am always on the go. Put simply, I don’t have hours to spend when I create new blog posts; therefore, if there is a way that I can save some time as I go about the process, I most definitely will try to adopt it. 

That being said, today I am going to show you how to add multiple images to a new blog post using WordPress’ new Gutenberg Gallery Block. Initially, I found it too time-consuming having to add each image one at a time.  This is a trick that has helped to save me a lot of time when blogging.

For those bloggers and creatives that are currently using WordPress, you are probably already familiar with the new Gutenberg interface. As a travel blogger, my blog posts typically contain a high number of images, and adding these to a post on WordPress is something made completely frustrating with the new Gutenberg interface.

The option of adding your images as a gallery block or each image individually are both impractical. The first is restricting and not ideal for me, while the second is time-consuming. Since I personally had found that the WordPress galleries were so restricting and not ideal I stopped using it altogether and switched to Envato gallery.

However, a while back, while messing around with my Miami Travel Diary post, I realized that there is a way to add multiple images using the Gutenberg blocks without having to tiresomely add each image individually. 

Alright, lets me start explaining how!

First, you have to select the “Gallery Style” block and within the WordPress media gallery and proceed to add the images you would like to add to your blog post. 

Once you have finished selecting your images hit “create a new gallery”. Next, you can now add the necessary captions to the images and rearrange them in the order that you want them before hitting the “insert gallery”. 

Next, in the top left corner of your block, switch the block from “Gallery” to “Image”. This forces the gallery to convert into a list of individual Gutenberg image blocks that will save you the trouble of having to add each image individually. 

When I create a new blog post I typically add the images first and then I place the created text in-between.

And there you have it, folks, it’s as simple as that! I hope that you found this trick is useful!

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Wordpress Tip for Bloggers

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