A little known fact about me is that I am a HUGE wrestling fan. This past summer, WWE SummerSlam took place right here in Toronto and I just had to attend! Since I was a little kid, I would watch any and all wrestling shows with my brother and apparently, I just never grew out of it! 

After attending the Survivor Series a few years back that was also held in Toronto, I promised myself that given the opportunity, that I would make it to any wrestling event taking place near me. So, last year when they announced that SummerSlam was going to happen in Toronto – you know what went down! 

The entire event was beyond what I expected coming from my previous wrestling experiences. It. Was. Incredible! There is definitely nothing like being in an arena with tens of thousands of people who are just like you who just want to watch wrestling for the pure enjoyment of it. Who could ask for more?! 

One of the most amazing highlights of the night for me was to see Trish Stratus. Not only is she a childhood hero of mine, but being a former birth and newborn photographer, I had the extreme pleasure of photographing the birth of her daughter, Madison (along with all of her newborn pics, as well!) Seeing her become a new mother was a total honor, but watching her come alive in the ring and do what she does was truly indescribable! 

Trish Stratus daughter Madison birth
Trish Stratus baby daughter Madison

Between the energy of the thousands of fans and watching my childhood hero, I am so unbelievably grateful that we had the opportunity to be there for all of it. My advice – if you are anywhere where they will be hosting a WWE SummerSlam, GO TO IT! You really won’t regret it. 

SummerSlam Toronto

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